Converting your Sprinter passenger or cargo van for handicap accessibility!


This is the creation process of a Sprinter passenger van. It was created for a c5-c6 quad, that is 6'3". His height created a unique challenge. He required an electric wheelchair that needed tilt and recline capabilities. These features caused him and the chair to have a very high overall height. Fitting him into the van and driving equipment was key to him being able to function independently in the van

We dropped the floor 7 inches and then dropped the driving area another two inches. This allowed him to enter the van and enter the driving area, allowing him plenty of head clearance.

This shows the floor being recreated after the floor was dropped. The driving equipment has not been installed, at this time.

Easier accessibility and enhanced safety features like the exclusive Electronic Stability Program (ESP) (only available on the 2500 models) that helps the driver handle critical situations. Then they powered it with one of the most dependable names in the automobile industry, Mercedes-Benz. That should make you and your passengers rest easy.

Mercedes-Benz is the world renowned leader in sedans, coupe wagons, SUV's and convertibles. These brands give the Sprinter the genes to be a success.

Along with the IDS driving system, this van has an Under Vehicle Lift (UVL). This lift allows the doors to be opened and closed without having to raise or lower the lift.

Almost every aspect of the Sprinter Van is modified and perfected. Arriving as an empty vehicle, CCI converts each Sprinter to your specifications.

Alternatives to full conversions are now possible with seats and with adding a scooter or wheel chair lifter makes traveling easier and less costly.

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